There’s No Place Like Holmes – Secrets of Wayfarers Inn Book 20


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There’s No Place Like Holmes

Secrets of Wayfarers Inn, Book 20

Sherlock Holmes has come to Marietta…or at least, his fan club. Tess Wallace and her friends are excited to welcome Tess’s uncle Harold to the inn with his Sherlock Society, and they expect a weekend of deerstalker hats, Violin music, and rousing debate regarding the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. But when a new donation to the Underground Railroad Museum goes missing en route to the inn, Tess, LuAnn, and Janice find themselves with a whole club-full of amateur detectives ready to help them solve the case. As the Inn Crowd and their guests investigate, it soon becomes apparent that all the clues they gather seem to be from one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories! How is it possible that this classic book, written decades ago, is leading them on a hunt all around Marietta today?

An unexpected snowstorm foils some of Tess’s plans for a miniature family reunion; and she realizes that Uncle Harold may not be as sharp as he once had been. He has dedicated his life to pursuits she can’t quite understand…but at the heart of it all, are they more alike than different?

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The Secrets of Wayfarers Inn series contains 25 contemporary cozy mysteries with a historical plot line in each. Roseanna is one of eight rotating authors in the series, authoring books 4, 12, and 20. They can be read out of order and independently, though there are a few continuing threads throughout the series. Each month, a new mystery is solved at an inn owned by three best friends, retired teachers, in Marietta, Ohio.

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