Summer Reading!

Summer Reading!

Summer is in full swing and I thought it would be fun to share with you some fun Book News and some Deals that you won’t want to miss out on!

eBook Deal

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Coming Soon!

I am excited to announce….That I will be releasing the Culper Ring Novellas in PRINT soon! Here is a peek at the compilation cover.

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He sees patterns in what she deems chaos. She sees beauty in a world he thought destroyed. – Book Three in The Codebreakers Series

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Special PreOrder Price – $12
Cordelia Owens can weave a hopeful dream around anything and is well used to winning the hearts of everyone in Savannah with her whimsy. – Stand Alone Novel
Available January 5, 2021 (Price will increase after release)

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Tea Party Book Club

Join me on Friday, August 7 for a virtual Tea Party to discuss the final book in my Shadows Over England series, sip on delicious tea, and make new reader friends!


In case you missed it…I have a podcast now! You can check out new episodes HERE!

Bookish Tees & Totes

I’m excited to have a line of bookish T-shirts and tote bags available now! You can buy directly from my store or through my new shop on Etsy! (The Etsy store is set up to support international shipping, so if you have a non-US address, this is the best option.)

Happy Reading and Enjoy Summer!!!

Cover Reveal!!!

Cover Reveal!!!

I am so very excited to share his cover with you today! Dreams of Savannah will release in January 2021 and is a stand-alone novel set in Savannah, Georgia during the Civil War.

A quick history–I’ve had this book sitting in my digital drawer for nine long years. I pulled it out about a year ago, wondering what to do with it…and was thrilled when Bethany House offered a contract. I did quite a bit of rewriting this past winter, making sure my Confederate-set story is both accurate to history and yet something that will appeal to readers in today’s climate. More, I pray it’s something that will speak to readers in today’s climate. Because one thing both my hero and heroine learn is that it isn’t enough not to do evil when it comes to the issue of slavery. They have to do good.

So without further ado, here’s an actual description of the book, and then the oh so GORGEOUS cover!!!

About the Book

Cordelia Owens can weave a dream around anything and is well used to winning the hearts of everyone in Savannah with her whimsy. Even when she receives word that her sweetheart has been lost during a raid on a Yankee vessel, she clings to hope and comes up with many a romantic tale of his eventual homecoming to reassure his mother and sister.

But Phineas Dunn finds nothing redemptive in the first horrors of war. Struggling for months to make it home alive, he returns to Savannah injured and cynical, and all too sure that he is not the hero Cordelia seems determined to make him.

As the War Between the States rages ever nearer and Savannah’s slaves start sneaking away to the islands off the coast to join the Yankees, both Phin and Cordelia get caught up in questions they never thought they’d have to ask–questions that threaten the very dreams of a future they’d cherished.

The Cover
















Cover Reveal! A Portrait of Loyalty

Cover Reveal! A Portrait of Loyalty

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

And how better to celebrate love … and love stories … than by putting a face to my next book. 😉 Ahem. Or at any rate, when I was told I could share this week, I decided that doing a Valentine public reveal would be super fun!
I can’t quite believe that The Codebreakers series will be coming to an end already in September, but I’m so excited about how this final book, A Portrait of Loyalty, has turned out. For those of you following along, this is the one that I completely rewrote back in November. As in, totally. But I love how it turned out, and so do my editors, so phew!
If you’ve read On Wings of Devotion, then you’ve already met Lily Blackwell and Zivon Marin, who will be our main characters in A Portrait of Loyalty. Lily is a volunteer at the hospital where Arabelle works…and is also a photographer employed by the Admiralty to alter photographs for the war effort. Zivon Marin is a Russian cryptographer who flees to England in the wake of the revolution in Russia.
Here’s a general idea of the story:
Zivon Marin was one of Russia’s
top cryptographers, until the October Revolution tore apart his world. Forced
to flee after speaking out against Lenin and separated from his brother along
the way, he arrives in England driven by a growing anger and determined to
offer his services to the Brits.
Lily Blackwell sees the world
best through the lens of a camera—and possesses unsurpassed skill when it comes
to retouching and recreating photographs. With her father’s connections in propaganda,
she’s recruited to the intelligence division, even though her mother would disapprove.

After Captain Blackwell invites
Zivon to dinner one evening, a friendship blooms between him and Lily. He sees
patterns in what she deems chaos; she sees beauty in a world he thought
destroyed. But both have secrets they’re unwilling to share, and no one is quite certain where Zivon’s loyalties really lie—until his enemies are discovered to be far closer than he’d
feared, and only Lily’s skills can save him.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. The cover! 

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It’s Release Day for On Wings of Devotion!!!

It’s Release Day for On Wings of Devotion!!!

It’s January 7 — and that means it’s Release Day for book 2 in the Codebreakers series, On Wings of Devotion!

In This Post:

  • A little bit of behind-the-scenes
  • Official blurb and cover
  • LIVE video tonight!
  • Link to the Quiz – how closely were you paying attention when you read it?
  • Tea Party Book Club

Behind the Scenes

I am so excited to get to introduce you to one of my favorite couples I’ve created. If you read The Number of Love, then you already know Phillip Camden–and you had a glimpse of Arabelle in the hospital scenes too. These two have been with me for quite a few years. I first developed them for a pirate story set in Jamaica of the 1600s…which I wrote, oh, two whole chapters of. 😉 I later repurposed them for a Regency idea…which got a whole seven chapters long before I called it quits. But when I was brainstorming this series, I had a moment of “Aha! I can FINALLY use them!” And I found that Camden made just as good a grounded pilot as he did a pirate. 😉
I’ve already had several early readers email me to say how much they love the interaction of these two characters, which of course makes my day. There’s something really special about a hero hurting so deeply and a heroine whose calling is to heal. Especially when you throw in an adventurer father, an office full of cryptographers, an admiral that history has likened to a real-life Sherlock Holmes, and a Swiss spy loyal to her German-Intelligence beau. I had so much fun writing this book, and I’m so excited to welcome it officially into the world!
Want a visual of my characters and their world? Check out my Pinterest board for the book! (I do have a Graphics section on the board, with images you’re welcome to share on any social media, and of course I love re-pins!)

 About the Book

Against Every Warning, She’s Drawn Ever Closer
to the Man Known as “Black Heart”

All of England thinks Major Phillip Camden a monster–a man who
deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But he would have
preferred to die that day with his men rather than be recruited to the
Admiralty’s codebreaking division. The threats he receives daily are no
great surprise and, in his opinion, well deserved.

As nurse Arabelle Denler observes the so-dubbed “Black Heart,” she
sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. And
when their families and paths twist together unexpectedly, she realizes
she has a role to play in his healing–and some of her own to do as well.

With Camden’s court-martial looming, an old acquaintance shows up,
intent on using him in a plot that sends the codebreakers of Room 40
into a frenzy. With their fragile hopes for the future in the cross
hairs, Arabelle and Camden must hold on to hope–and to each other–if
they want to survive.

Join Me Tonight!

Tonight I’ll be going live on Facebook, chatting about the book! I’ll share some fun behind-the-scenes, read an excerpt, I’ll be giving away TWO copies to commenters, answering your questions, and more! It’ll be at 7 EST, but if you can’t make it live, don’t worry! The giveaway will be open 24 hours, and you can catch it in my video archives on Facebook or watch on my website!

Once You’ve Read It, Take the Quiz!

How well were you paying attention while you were reading?
Take the quiz and share your score! Don’t forget to tag me @RoseannaMWhite
and use the hashtag #codebreakers

Tea Party Book Club

Of course this month’s Tea Party Book Club is going to be focused on On Wings of Devotion! I’m offering two dates to get us started and will add more as necessary, in a later month.

Friday, January 24, 7 p.m. EST / 6 CST / 5 MST / 4 PST
Saturday, January 25, 1 p.m. EST / 12 CST / 11 a.m. MST / 10 PST

What’s a Tea Party Book Club, you may ask?

It’s pretty simple–much like a regular book club, we’ll be chatting about the book, so it’ll assume you’ve read it already. But to make it extra fun, it’s also a tea party! I send you a package with loose-leaf tea and treats, including some bookish things like page flags and a pen (so you can mark your favorite parts, of course). At the given time, we all log in to Chime (online meeting software), enjoy our tea together, and talk about the book!

You can purchase the seat and the package for $25, opt to add a signed book, and even purchase a tea party starter kit that includes your pick of a vintage cup, a personal tea pot, a homemade tea cozy, and a spoon. There’s also an option to donate to the scholarship fund–and to apply for a scholarship.

Non-US? I can’t ship you a package, but you can purchase the seat and join us to talk about the book for a reduced price!

Want to share the experience with a friend who’d join you in person? This is perfect for mother/daughter duos or reader friends! Purchase one seat normally, then the bring-a-friend option as an add-on!

Want to book a private Tea Party Book Club for your in-person book club or Library group? I’m happy to put together group rates! Just shoot me an email at to set it up!

Spots are already filling up, so act quickly!


And now, the part you’ve probably been waiting for. 😉 As always, I’ve put together two different giveaways–one that’s US only and one that is NON-US only.

Are you ready for a Sneak Peek?

Are you ready for a Sneak Peek?

Are You Ready???

I am so happy to announce that Bethany House granted me permission to host a Sneak Peek Serial again for you! If you were hanging around here when The Number of Love was released, this will sound familiar…And I HOPE you are excited!!! To refresh our memories…
What is it?
Pretty much what it sounds like. The first few chapters of On Wings of Devotion will be given to me to pass along to you. But not in one chunk you’d have to sit there and read on your screen. No, we’re going to be taking a page from history and serializing it! That means you’ll be getting small, manageable, bite-size snippets to read. (All previously-released sections will be available by following a link, so you won’t have to worry if you’ve missed any.)

Where will it be?
This will be released daily in my newsletter. Usually, my newsletter goes out weekly, containing my Thoughtful Thursday post, any book news or sales, and any behind-the-scenes or giveaways that I’m doing.

Invite your friends by sending them this link to sign up for my newsletters!
When will it begin?
This will begin in one week on Sunday, December 1.
How long will it run?
We’ll be doing about a page a day, so you’ll receive your daily bite of the book through the month of December–it’ll finish up just before the book releases on January 7th!

Happy Reading!!!
Announcing: Dreams of Savannah!

Announcing: Dreams of Savannah!

Even as I was typing up the news about the Isles of Secrets Series, I knew I’d be getting to announce some other exciting news soon too. 😁 I’ll also be having a book come out from Bethany House between the end of the Codebreakers and the beginning of the next series! This one is a stand-alone, set in Savannah during the Civil War.

Dreams of Savannah (tentative title–it could very well change, LOL) is pretty fun. I actually wrote it years ago upon the request of an editor, but the contract fell through for various reasons. It’s just been sitting there in my digital drawer since 2011, so when my editor at Bethany House asked if I wanted them to take a look at some of my finished-but-unpublished books, I all but shoved it at them. 😉 And I was so incredibly pleased when they said they liked it and wanted to release it in just over a year! That’s right, this one will be coming out sometime around December 2020/January 2021 (exact date TBD)!!

The story, in a nutshell:

Cordelia Owens can weave a dream around
anything, and is well used to winning the hearts of everyone in Savannah with
her whimsy. Even when she receives word that her sweetheart has been lost
during a raid on a Yankee vessel, she clings to hope and comes up with many a
romantic tale of his eventual homecoming to reassure his mother and sister. 

Phineas Dunn finds nothing redemptive in the first horrors of war. Struggling
for months to make it home alive, he returns to Savannah injured and cynical,
and all too sure that he is not the hero Cordelia seems determined to make him.
Matters of black and white don’t seem so simple anymore to Phin, and despite
her best efforts, Delia’s smiles can’t erase all the complications in his life. 

War, however, doesn’t wait for the clarity of anyone’s heart. When the fort falls and the future wavers before her, Delia has to decide
whether a disillusioned hero is worth the sacrifice of all the dreams she so
long cherished.

For those of you who read my Culper Ring Series, you know I’ve already written one Civil War-era book. The funny thing is that Savannah was already finished when I was working on Circle of Spies, so in my mind, I kept thinking, “Well I already did this, so I…oh wait! No one else knows I’ve already done that!” (“”That” being things like certain treatments of issues like slavery from a Southern perspective–it was mostly the Union perspective represented in Circle of Spies.)

I’m so excited to finally be bringing this story into the world! I’m sure there will be many edits and changes from that 2011 version, but I love these characters so much–I actually reread it a couple years ago as I wrote A Lady Unrivaled, to make sure that Ella, who has some similarities to Delia, isn’t too close to my romantic-adventure-writing Southern belle. And leading Phin through some huge challenges and mental changes was an adventure in itself! One that involves the help of the most unlikely of friends–an Englishman of African descent, who has a very different view of the world than anyone Phin has ever known. I used him–Luther–to bring in some of England’s abolition history, which was fun. =)

Hilariously, the same story of mine from college from which I stole Phillip Camden (who is introduced in The Number of Love and is the hero in On Wings of Devotion) also gave me Luther. Originally he and Camden were first mate and captain on their pirate vessel. 😉 Luther was stolen first for Dreams of Savannah, and I’m glad I didn’t re-steal him for On Wings of Devotion, LOL. But just so you know that if ever the two met, despite now being of different generations, they would have been the best of friends. 😉

I’m looking forward to digging back into this one and polishing it up for you guys!