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My books range from intense Biblical fiction love stories to contemporary mysteries, with the majority being historical romance set in the 18th-20th centuries. If you’re looking for Christian romance that’s inspirational, with deep characters and riveting plots, then dive on in!

As wordsmith extraordinaire, White composes prose that holds the cadence of the poets, the wisdom of the muses, and the insight that will transport you seamlessly across time—while coaxing you to tell your own story.

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I’ve been blogging weekly for many years. Whether you’re interested in book news, the history that I learn through my research for my books (or just out of my own curiosity), my thoughtful musings on faith, family, and fiction, or my ever-popular Word of the Week etymology posts, there’s something here for you to read!

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Suffering United
Suffering. It's a guarantee of life--we will suffer. But that doesn't mean we like it. Certainly, we don't seek it. Generally, we do all we can to avoid it. And yet it's a key part not only of life universal, but of faith in Christ in particular. I've blogged before...
Word of the Week – Nightmare
Nightmare. We all know what it is. A bad dream that leaves you breathless. Or any situation that conjured up those horrible feelings. Right? Well, today...sure. But in fact, nightmare didn't mean "any bad dream" until 1829! What did it mean before then, you ask? Well,...
The Darkness in the Light
We are the light of the world. We know it's true because Jesus, the true Light, told us so. We know it's true because He gives us His light. Why? To shine it. To scatter the darkness. To light the Way to Him, to the Father. To guide the people stumbling around in the...
Word of the Week – Ye
We've probably all come across those cutesy, old-timey signs, right? "Ye Olde Sweets Shoppe" or the like. Cutsey and old-timey because they're using spellings no longer in use, which our modern eyes immediately recognize as coming from the 18th century or earlier....


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