Greater Than Gold – Secrets of Wayfarers Inn Book 4


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Greater Than Gold

Secrets of Wayfarers Inn, Book 4

Wayfarers Inn finally opens, just in time for Marietta’s biggest tourist draw, the Sternwheel Festival. But LuAnn, Janice, and Tess’s excitement is tempered when the inn’s ancient elevator breaks down—and handyman Tory Thornton goes missing, leaving a bloody rag behind. When LuAnn finds a valuable and long-missing bracelet in Thorn’s toolbox, suspicions mount—as do the suspects. Has Thorn run off with a treasure that had been hidden in the inn centuries before . . . or has an old enemy caught
up with him?

As LuAnn and her friends seek to learn more about the bracelet, and how it ended up at the inn, they uncover a tale of theft, betrayal, and sacrifice that dates to the Civil War. As the clues pile up, both for and against Thorn, and hidden pieces of his past come to light, the friends find themselves asking the age-old question: How well do you ever really know someone? And how do you ever know what to believe about the people you think you know?

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The Secrets of Wayfarers Inn series contains 25 contemporary cozy mysteries with a historical plot line in each. Roseanna is one of eight rotating authors in the series, authoring books 4, 12, and 20. They can be read out of order and independently, though there are a few continuing threads throughout the series. Each month, a new mystery is solved at an inn owned by three best friends, retired teachers, in Marietta, Ohio.

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