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Signed Books

All books are signed with a special message that ties in with each title and Roseanna’s signature.
To request a personalization just include the “To ___” instructions in your order notes.

Special editions with painted edges and certificates of authenticity can be found here.

Biblical Fiction

With both Old and New Testament stories, these books dig deep into the foundations of faith through characters that will grab you by the heart. Each can be read on its own, though A Soft Breath of Wind is the sequel to A Stray Drop of Blood.


Stand Alone Novels

Though not part of a series, these American-set historical romances are sure to enchant!

The Culper Ring Series

America’s first spy ring is documented as being active during the Revolution…but what if the same family kept the intelligence game alive during the other American wars?

Classic cover versions available while supplies last.


Ladies of the Manor Series

Roseanna’s English settings begin with her bestselling series! English nobility and the downstairs players in their worlds find romance and danger linked to supposedly cursed gems.

Shadows Over England Series

As the Great War descends upon England, a family of thieves are called upon to use their skills for the good of their country.

The Codebreakers Series

Set in the midst of the Great War in London, the Codebreakers takes us into the heart of Room 40, England’s intelligence division during the war.

Secrets of the Isles Series

Journey to the beautiful Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall for adventure, the search for pirate treasure, and love in 1906.

The Imposters Series

Join an aristocratic brother and sister duo and their childhood friends as they investigate the elite.


Jump to modern times and solve some mysteries with three best-friend innkeepers who live in a former stop on the Underground Railroad in the Secrets of Wayfarers Inn series.
Join sisters Tracy and Amy as they uncover mysteries that had been away in their grandmother’s attic in Secrets from Grandma’s Attic.

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