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An Invitation to the World of the Awakened

An Invitation to the World of the Awakened

Join me as I journey to a new world…a world of faith and romance, a world where technology and gift of God have met to create “magic” and wonder…but only where those who are different are willing to meet.

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Book 1

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The Series

More information will be added as it develops!

Book 1

It’s got mermaids! 😉

Book 2

Clash of ice and lava

Book 3

Mind, Might, Magic

Book 4

The Stars and the Sands

About Me

I’ve been publishing novels since 2009…but they’ve been almost exclusively historical romances, with a few contemporary mysteries (with historical threads) thrown into the mix too. So why, you may ask, did I decide to abandon “my genre” and move into the world of fantasy?

Actually, there’s no abandoning going on. 😉 I’m still writing (and loving!) historical romance, but more and more I’ve found that when I reach for a book to read, I gravitate toward fantasy. I love these worlds entirely created by the mind of the writer. I love characters who not only have to face love and loss, good and evil, but often physical manifestations of those forces in the form of a magical system that the author has created. I believe these are actually a great analogy for the hidden spiritual world around us that we rarely perceive.

During the summer of 2023, I let my mind wander to a fantasy world of my own making during a vacation at the beach. I started writing it, spending a week on it here and there between other, contracted projects. And it was SO…MUCH…FUN!!! Now I have tons of ideas for more fantasies, and I’ve been reading them nearly constantly, and, well…here we are. =)