It’s birthday party week in my house–not only my son’s 12th, but my mom’s 60th, so I’m going to be up to my elbows is cakes and cupcakes and icing and cleaning and . . . you get the idea. =)
So I’m taking the easy way for blogging this week and just sharing some fun announcements with you.
First, there will be some fun coming your way next week!
I’m participating in a multi-author promotion for Valentine’s week, so come back here on February 10 for that!

Next, there will soon be a COVER REVEAL of book 3 in the Codebreakers series, A Portrait of Loyalty! I can share that on February 11, and it will go out first to my newsletter subscribers, so make sure you’ve signed up!

Third, the next Tea Party Book Club dates are live on my website! February will be one more for On Wings of Devotion for those who couldn’t make the January dates but who wanted to attend. March will be A Name Unknown. Though those are the only ones you can currently reserve, I do have the next three months listed on my website too, so you can be thinking of which ones you may want to attend. And we’re also going to be doing some social media contests for those who participate–photo challenges, to be precise, where you take a picture of your package when it arrives. The winner will get a discount code for a future party!

Finally, T-shirts! I did add a crew neck to each design last week, so if you’re a crew neck gal, I’ve got you covered. And as of when I’m writing this, I only need TWO MORE orders to put them into production! That’s to meet my overall minimum threshold (aka not lose money on them), but I’d really love to get 5 more orders each of 18, Black Heart, and Woof. So if you’re a fan of one of those, please share these memes to encourage others to order them too! 😉

And just thinking ahead for T-shirts…I’ll soon be launching some general bookish ones too, for all the readers out there! First one will say something along the lines of “I don’t have too many books…I just need more shelves.” Wording may be tweaked slightly as I debate the catchiest way to say it. 😉 If you have an idea for a fabulous book-themed shirt, please let me know!