This week I’m mixing it up just a wee bit and referring you to another fun blog post that explores the origins of 9 common English sayings.
Language is such a fascinating area of study, and each has its own unique, complex set of intricacies that makes it difficult for those of another dialect to understand and learn. But this is what makes our written word so beautiful—the diversity in our language that results from different cultures, historical events, etc. Whether speaking or writing, we’re constantly using figurative phrases and idioms that, although make perfect sense to us, might perplex someone who doesn’t fully understand our jargon. Invaluable created a neat visual that highlights some of our most-used idioms and how each came from a literal event of the past. Explore the history and origins of our language below!
Just click on the links or the graphic below to visit the full post on the histories of these phrases!

Thanks for joining me today! Which of these is your favorite to use?
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