Well, this is the first time this has happened–I have a new cover to show you, and the “reveal” date was the same as the release date of my previous book! So I’ve sat on this one for a week while The Number of Love launches. Not hard to do, because I am so excited about introducing Margot and Drake to the world!
But at the same time, THIS COVER! On Wings of Devotion is book 2 in The Codebreakers, picking up right where The Number of Love drops off chronologically–actually, it begins somewhere before the epilogue of TNoL takes place, but after the main part of the story ends.
If you’ve read The Number of Love already, then you know who the hero is going to be in book two–Phillip Camden, a pilot in the Royal Flying Corp and school chum of our current hero, Drake. In the course of the story, we see that Camden has landed in some serious hot water. Thanks to Drake, he ends up working in Room 40…but he isn’t happy about it–or anything. He’s reeling from the loss of his squadron and doesn’t mind taking it out (rather hilariously, I think) on everyone around him. But he still can’t quite overcome his instincts–loyalty and selflessness. Made for SUCH a fun hero to write in this new one!
But I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking who the heroine is going to be, which make me giggle. She’s there in book 1…but you won’t know it, necessarily. Her name is Arabelle Denler, and she’s a nurse in Charing Cross Hospital. And of course, this being one of my covers, she’s the one we see there on the front of the book–and though it may seem like this book is all about Camden since we know him already, trust me–Ara deserves to be pictured!
Let me tell you just a little bit about her, and then I’ll show you the cover!
Arabelle isn’t beautiful. But, as Cam thinks upon meeting her, “she does a good job of hiding it” behind a quick wit and fashionable clothes. She’s tall–around 6 feet in height–and frequently described as “gangly.” But Ara is also the kind of girl who will sacrifice anything if it will help someone heal. After a heartbreaking childhood (her mother dies and her father is lost in the wilds of South America for years), she feels God saying to her, If you want to heal, then heal others. This is why she’s a nurse…and why she does some things at the start of the story that baffle and intrigue Cam.
And now… THE COVER! Are you ready???

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!!!!!!???????
I’m so in love with this. Here’s why:
The golden colors are just breathtaking–and that DRESS! (Pass it over here, please. Right over here.)
The model they chose for Arabelle is perfect. I mean, still too pretty, but you’ll have that. 😉 I love that she has heavy brows, though, as Ara does, and her hair isn’t quite perfect. She somehow gives off a vibe of “I’m not really as pretty as I look,” which is spot-on.
Next–THE GLOBE! Until y’all read the story, you won’t know exactly how important this is, but a quick explanation: Arabelle’s father is an explorer, “stranded” in London during the war. She’s getting to know him for the first time in her life. In his study, he has maps and globes everywhere, and this is where she and Cam really get to know each other. I’d suggested a globe for the cover and LOVE that they put it in! 
And finally, if you look on her chest, you’ll see she’s wearing a pilot’s wing pin. This is SO IMPORTANT. Just like “18” had to be on the cover of The Number of Love because it IS the number of Margot’s love, so did this pin have to be on this cover.

So what do you think? Do you like the colors? Are you intrigued? Which cover of the series is your favorite so far? (I’d be hard pressed to pick. They nailed both of them!)

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