The holidays are over, the set redesign has been (mostly) figured out, and I have been a busy bee brainstorming what content to bring you guys this year. The result?

Roseanna White Live is coming back soon!

February 25, to be exact.

And this season, we’re changing things up a bit. The program will be less just me talking about my own books and more talking about things of interest to Christian readers everywhere! I’m really excited about the schedule I’ve decided on. I don’t have all my guests and topics slotted yet, but here’s the monthly schedule.


“Face to Face”

Interviews with some of your favorite authors, leading with Kate Breslin and Stephanie Morrill


“From the Bookshelves”

Reading a selection of a book (mine and others’) and providing commentary–sometime serious, sometimes funny–on the passage, Mystery Science Theater style


“State of the Booksterverse”

Hot topic discussions with other writers and readers on things like the presence (or lack thereof) of diversity in Christian fiction, what Christian fiction even is, the value of Christian Romance as a genre, how authors should find the balance between happily-ever-after and reality in their stories, and more!


“At the Desk”

This will be when I talk about my new releases, my work-in-progress, projects I’ve been editing, and perhaps book covers I’ve recently designed


“Wildcard Week”

If a month has five Mondays, then the fifth one will be an extra of one of the other four segments, as voted on by the viewers. (There’s been talk of a wheel we’ll spin…we’ll see if that works out, LOL)

And the season will end with (insert bugle flourish)…

An Awards Show!

More information on that will come later =)

I’m super excited about the new structure and lineup! And this season, it won’t only be on Facebook. You’ll also be able to watch from my website and our Roku channel.


I want to know which topics interest you most for the “State of the Booksterverse” episodes! I’d love it if you’d take a minute to fill out this quick form. And please feel free to add topics if there’s something I didn’t mention that you think would make for great conversation.