I admit it. I love a good subscription box. I love knowing it’s coming (ANTICIPATION!!!), I love wondering what will be in it (SURPRISES!), and I love discovering new things through it (INTRODUCTIONS!).

I’ve subscribed to food boxes…makeup boxes for my daughter…clothes boxes.


And there are a lot of book boxes out there too. Fantasy boxes. Kids boxes. Christian fiction boxes. Those are fabulous. Who doesn’t love getting surprised by books?? It’s a fantastic way to be introduced to new authors, get special editions, and be delighted by some items that tie in with the book, too.

But…what about a box that isn’t books…and yet is aimed at book lovers?

What about a box full of book-themed jewelry…and clothing…and mugs…and notepads. Book-themed pens…and bookmarks…and tote bags…and ornaments. What about all those bookish delights that make us go “Gasp! YES! I need that to proclaim my book-love!”

Introducing the Box of Bookish Things subscription box!

Well look no further, friends! I’ve got you covered!

Ever since I opened up the Bookish Things shop, I’ve been saving every single bookish product that makes me grin and gasp. And now, it’s all coming together in one box of delights, sent straight to your door!

This monthly subscription box will have seasonal items where appropriate, new things each month. A few of them you may have spotted on my site before, but most will be new, and very few of these things are available on Amazon or at other online retailers.

How to Sign Up

We’re launching the Box of Bookish Things with a waiting-list model. This first month there will only be TWENTY BOXES. Next month we’ll scale up to FIFTY.

Sign up for the waiting-list with the form below. The first twenty to sign up will be sent a private purchase link for this first month; the others will be offered first chance at next month’s box, as will this month’s purchasers.

Here’s what we have planned for the first few months!

September – Autumn Themed, with items that combine books and cozy delights
October –
Generally Bookish, to give you an idea of what’s in store!
November – Christmas Themed
, featuring ornaments and items that combine Christmas and books
December – New Year Themed, so you’re prepared for your next year of reading

Open your Box of Bookish Things
for only $29.99 for a small box
or $49.99 a month for a large box
(US shipping and tax included)!

International purchasers are welcome, but shipping costs will be extra.

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