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I’ve always loved Biblical fiction – I love learning about the lifestyles and cultures of the people of the Bible, I love breathing new life and understanding into stories so old as to be common knowledge. But as a Christian, I had a hurdle to get over the first time I sat down to write a story set in the Old Testament.

See, as a young writer, I just couldn’t imagine having characters who didn’t know Jesus. What’s life without Him? I remember thinking that I could never, ever write a story where the characters didn’t come to be Christians. But in an Old Testament setting, that’s not even possible, right?

Yet the OT is the foundation of the NT. There were obviously godly people who loved the Lord. Which led me to a new question: what does salvation mean in the Old Testament?

I explored this theme a bit in Jewel of Persia, and I’ll likely explore it more in the next bib-fic I write–which will be set in the days of Abraham and focus on a son of the mysterious Melchizedek.  It’s a theme, too, which has led me to a greater appreciation of Christianity and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Because though without Jesus, without the Spirit being always within us, salvation is hard and the visitation of the Spirit unusual and somewhat abrupt (He’s described as “coming upon” people and then departing), He’s still there. People can still love the Lord first and foremost. Sins can still be forgiven, that forgiveness just doesn’t cover all sin, forever, in their lives.

Most of my stories are still after Christ, so faith in Him is still a part of the lives of most of my characters. But I’ve learned so much through writing stories set in the Old Testament too. About my faith, about the nature of our unchanging God, and about the foundation of the faith that defines my life.

Do you have a preference in biblical stories? Do you prefer to read about Old Testament or New?


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