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I’m Roseanna M. White, author of a slew of historical romances, along with some contemporary mysteries from Guideposts. My real life is full (homeschooling mom of two teens, one of whom is now in college, need I say more??) but also very … ordinary. So I offset that by writing about things like spies and nobility and war and mayhem whenever I can. And with my next book, I not only have a pair of private investigators who are clearly at odds, one of them is London’s most popular gossip and fashion writer for the (fictitious) London Ladies Journal! Here’s a bit about A Beautiful Disguise:

Gemma Parks will count herself happy if she can continue to avoid Graham Wharton and all the pain he caused her…difficult on a good day, given that they’re both members of The Imposters, an elite private investigation firm run by her best friend, who is also Graham’s distant cousin. But when a boy is kidnapped–mistaken for his aristocratic cousin–and the authorities won’t help, Gemma can’t turn down the case…even if it means working with Graham. He’s determined to win her back, but she’s just as determined to write him our of her story for good. Will all their scheming restore a broken family? Can their own frozen hearts ever thaw again?

Gemma is a columnist for London Ladies’ Journal, where she writes about the aristocracy–what they’re wearing, who’s seen flirting with whom, and who showed up at what ball or fete. She’s the one who made her best friend, Lady Marigold, into a fashion icon, with her write-ups and features. But until now, Gemma has never accepted an invitation as her alter-ego, G. M. Parker. Instead, she’s posed as servants and maids and occasionally as Marigold to get the information for her column.

For this case, though, she needs an in to a house party so accepts an invitation that had been sent to her pseudonym. Which means that for the first time, Gemma actually has to develop a character to go along with her name.

So for fun, let’s come up with our OWN Edwardian-era nom de plume! We’ll follow Gemma’s very simple method.

1. Take the first letter of your first name (hers is G)
2. Use a middle initial that is your mother’s maiden name (hers is M)
3. For your last name, take the first few letters or syllable of your name (maiden or married) and then add a different ending to it.

So for me, I’d be R.M. Whitson

4. Now…pick a different first name to go with that initial. (Gemma chose Gabrielle)

And voila! There you have it! Your own nom de plume, ready for all the columns you write (because of course you don’t want the duchess whose dress you insulted to know who you really are!).

Share your new name in the comments below for a chance to enter my extra giveaway!

Here’s Your Critical Stop #16 Info:

If you’re interested, you can get a SIGNED copy of A Noble Scheme from me right here (and shop for other fun bookish things too!) or order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook, Baker Book House, or at your local bookstore

Clue to Write Down: few novels

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Special Giveaway!

But before you go, I’m offering a special prize!

One lucky winner with a US address will receive a box full of bookish merch, valued at $50!
These items will come from my Box of Bookish Things selections so could include things like book-themed games or puzzles, bookish jewelry, bookish socks, stickers, bookmarks, keychains, notebooks…whatever fits in the box from my overstock!

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