I hope everyone (at least those of you in the U.S.) had a lovely Thanksgiving! Ours was great and led into a wonderful weekend. The best part of which was that I didn’t have to cook since Wednesday, what with all the invitations to share leftovers. 😉
L’enfant avec les raisins, Antonio Rotta, 1884
So in honor of the feast of leftover food, this week’s word is snack. It sounds a bit modern, right? But in fact it traces its roots back to the 1300s, when snack was solely a verb which described a dog biting or snapping. It took it 400 years, but by 1757, it had become the noun we know, meaning “a bite or morsel to eat.” Fifty years later the verb followed suit and meant “to have a small amount to eat,” in 1807 (in case you haven’t had your coffee yet and don’t wanna do the math). Snack bar came about in 1930.
And there we have it!
For those of you who are really observant, you might notice that I updated my blog over the weekend. It now matches my website, and also has new tabs and pages, the old ones for the Annapolis blog tour finally going bye-bye. Do please check out the page for Ordinary Heroes, a series I’ll be starting in 2013. I need stories! =)
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