I decided to post today solely that I could copy my friend’s idea from her blog yesterday and chat about some of my favorite Christmas things. =)

I have so many fabulous memories surrounding the holidays, but one of my favorites is from the first year my grandmother came to stay with us on Christmas Eve. That meant Jen and I shared a room that night, and we both well before the agreed-upon time with our parents. For a while we just lay there and talked, but then we decided we’d just get up, plug in the tree, and wait. My sister went to the door, opened it–and ran smack into Mom, who was leaning on the doorframe. Jen shrieked, screamed “Busted!” slammed the door in Mom’s face, and jumped back in bed. Which wouldn’t have been nearly so hilarious had we not been 15 and 18 at the time. =) Our mom was laughing too, not actually mad. We come from a family of very-anxious-Christmas-ers. (My husband does not. There was a bit of compromise necessary when we got married, lol.)

Anyway. I love the old Christmas songs, especially the hymns. Though in college and made a collection of jazzy, swingy versions of the popular songs, and those are fun too. =)

I love all the lights. So magical . . .

I love the baking, and the eating what’s been bakes. 😉

I love those times when I’ve thought up exactly the right present for someone, and the way they thrill when they open it.

I love sitting back and reflecting on the miracle of that first Christmas.

And now I’m going to go cuddle my kiddos, get some coffee, and enjoy my Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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