Merry Christmas, everyone!

I imagine most of you will be wrapped up in celebration rather than checking on blogs, but I wanted a short message of peace and praise and good will on here in case you happen by.

First, a quick reminder.

Christmas Day is the BEGINNING of the Christmas season, not the end! Today is the First day of the Octave (eight days of feasting), of the Twelve Days that lead us to Epiphany, and of the whole season that traditionally stretches long into January. I know that society today moves quickly on, but I hope we as believers let the beauty of Christ’s arrival linger long in our hearts.

Here’s a traditional Christmas prayer to warm you.

Lord, in this holy season of prayer and song and laughter,
we praise you for the great wonders you have sent us:
for shining star and angel’s song,
for infant’s cry in lowly manger.
We praise you for the Word made flesh in a little Child.
We behold his glory, and are bathed in its radiance.


Merry Christmas, Friends!

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