Cover Reveal! A Portrait of Loyalty

Cover Reveal! A Portrait of Loyalty

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

And how better to celebrate love … and love stories … than by putting a face to my next book. 😉 Ahem. Or at any rate, when I was told I could share this week, I decided that doing a Valentine public reveal would be super fun!
I can’t quite believe that The Codebreakers series will be coming to an end already in September, but I’m so excited about how this final book, A Portrait of Loyalty, has turned out. For those of you following along, this is the one that I completely rewrote back in November. As in, totally. But I love how it turned out, and so do my editors, so phew!
If you’ve read On Wings of Devotion, then you’ve already met Lily Blackwell and Zivon Marin, who will be our main characters in A Portrait of Loyalty. Lily is a volunteer at the hospital where Arabelle works…and is also a photographer employed by the Admiralty to alter photographs for the war effort. Zivon Marin is a Russian cryptographer who flees to England in the wake of the revolution in Russia.
Here’s a general idea of the story:
Zivon Marin was one of Russia’s
top cryptographers, until the October Revolution tore apart his world. Forced
to flee after speaking out against Lenin and separated from his brother along
the way, he arrives in England driven by a growing anger and determined to
offer his services to the Brits.
Lily Blackwell sees the world
best through the lens of a camera—and possesses unsurpassed skill when it comes
to retouching and recreating photographs. With her father’s connections in propaganda,
she’s recruited to the intelligence division, even though her mother would disapprove.

After Captain Blackwell invites
Zivon to dinner one evening, a friendship blooms between him and Lily. He sees
patterns in what she deems chaos; she sees beauty in a world he thought
destroyed. But both have secrets they’re unwilling to share, and no one is quite certain where Zivon’s loyalties really lie—until his enemies are discovered to be far closer than he’d
feared, and only Lily’s skills can save him.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. The cover! 

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It’s Release Day for On Wings of Devotion!!!

It’s Release Day for On Wings of Devotion!!!

It’s January 7 — and that means it’s Release Day for book 2 in the Codebreakers series, On Wings of Devotion!

In This Post:

  • A little bit of behind-the-scenes
  • Official blurb and cover
  • LIVE video tonight!
  • Link to the Quiz – how closely were you paying attention when you read it?
  • Tea Party Book Club

Behind the Scenes

I am so excited to get to introduce you to one of my favorite couples I’ve created. If you read The Number of Love, then you already know Phillip Camden–and you had a glimpse of Arabelle in the hospital scenes too. These two have been with me for quite a few years. I first developed them for a pirate story set in Jamaica of the 1600s…which I wrote, oh, two whole chapters of. 😉 I later repurposed them for a Regency idea…which got a whole seven chapters long before I called it quits. But when I was brainstorming this series, I had a moment of “Aha! I can FINALLY use them!” And I found that Camden made just as good a grounded pilot as he did a pirate. 😉
I’ve already had several early readers email me to say how much they love the interaction of these two characters, which of course makes my day. There’s something really special about a hero hurting so deeply and a heroine whose calling is to heal. Especially when you throw in an adventurer father, an office full of cryptographers, an admiral that history has likened to a real-life Sherlock Holmes, and a Swiss spy loyal to her German-Intelligence beau. I had so much fun writing this book, and I’m so excited to welcome it officially into the world!
Want a visual of my characters and their world? Check out my Pinterest board for the book! (I do have a Graphics section on the board, with images you’re welcome to share on any social media, and of course I love re-pins!)

 About the Book

Against Every Warning, She’s Drawn Ever Closer
to the Man Known as “Black Heart”

All of England thinks Major Phillip Camden a monster–a man who
deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But he would have
preferred to die that day with his men rather than be recruited to the
Admiralty’s codebreaking division. The threats he receives daily are no
great surprise and, in his opinion, well deserved.

As nurse Arabelle Denler observes the so-dubbed “Black Heart,” she
sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. And
when their families and paths twist together unexpectedly, she realizes
she has a role to play in his healing–and some of her own to do as well.

With Camden’s court-martial looming, an old acquaintance shows up,
intent on using him in a plot that sends the codebreakers of Room 40
into a frenzy. With their fragile hopes for the future in the cross
hairs, Arabelle and Camden must hold on to hope–and to each other–if
they want to survive.

Join Me Tonight!

Tonight I’ll be going live on Facebook, chatting about the book! I’ll share some fun behind-the-scenes, read an excerpt, I’ll be giving away TWO copies to commenters, answering your questions, and more! It’ll be at 7 EST, but if you can’t make it live, don’t worry! The giveaway will be open 24 hours, and you can catch it in my video archives on Facebook or watch on my website!

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Tea Party Book Club

Of course this month’s Tea Party Book Club is going to be focused on On Wings of Devotion! I’m offering two dates to get us started and will add more as necessary, in a later month.

Friday, January 24, 7 p.m. EST / 6 CST / 5 MST / 4 PST
Saturday, January 25, 1 p.m. EST / 12 CST / 11 a.m. MST / 10 PST

What’s a Tea Party Book Club, you may ask?

It’s pretty simple–much like a regular book club, we’ll be chatting about the book, so it’ll assume you’ve read it already. But to make it extra fun, it’s also a tea party! I send you a package with loose-leaf tea and treats, including some bookish things like page flags and a pen (so you can mark your favorite parts, of course). At the given time, we all log in to Chime (online meeting software), enjoy our tea together, and talk about the book!

You can purchase the seat and the package for $25, opt to add a signed book, and even purchase a tea party starter kit that includes your pick of a vintage cup, a personal tea pot, a homemade tea cozy, and a spoon. There’s also an option to donate to the scholarship fund–and to apply for a scholarship.

Non-US? I can’t ship you a package, but you can purchase the seat and join us to talk about the book for a reduced price!

Want to share the experience with a friend who’d join you in person? This is perfect for mother/daughter duos or reader friends! Purchase one seat normally, then the bring-a-friend option as an add-on!

Want to book a private Tea Party Book Club for your in-person book club or Library group? I’m happy to put together group rates! Just shoot me an email at to set it up!

Spots are already filling up, so act quickly!


And now, the part you’ve probably been waiting for. 😉 As always, I’ve put together two different giveaways–one that’s US only and one that is NON-US only.

Holiday Book Buying Guide – Non-Fiction

Holiday Book Buying Guide – Non-Fiction

Time to wrap up this series! I’m not traditionally a big non-fiction reader, but thanks to listening to a lot of audiobooks as I exercise, I’ve broadened my horizons quite a bit in the last year. 😀 And since we all know those people who only read non-fiction–or just those who enjoy it in addition to fiction–of course we need some ideas on books to buy for them too!

Love Does and Everybody Always
by Bob Goff
Love Lives Here
by Maria Goff

I’m listing all three of these together because I love the full picture they give you together. I read the first two of these last year, but I didn’t get around to listening to Love Lives Here until this year. All three are high on my list of recommended reading! The Goffs have done some amazing work, and more, they have an amazing outlook on what it really means to walk in Christ’s love. I’d call them life-changing for sure. They’re all written with wit and humor, but they convey some of the most series messages we’ll ever hear–that loving others as Christ loves us isn’t optional, and when we do it, we change the world…one life at a time. READ THESE BOOKS. And they make fabulous gifts!
Love Does
Everybody Always
 Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is not a Christian book. Just stating that upfront. There’s some language in it, and some of the ideas are decided not Christian. That said–it’s an amazing look at creativity, and one I’d recommend for artists of any sort. The title comes from the idea that there’s something she calls literally-magical about ideas–the way they move from person to person, insisting on finding an outlet at a given time. Ever notice how people have similar book ideas, even though they’ve never talked? Or movies? Yeah, that’s the “big magic” she’s talking about. I left this book with some new takes on the creative process and its place in the world that I know are going to stick with me. Really great read (or listen).

All these^ non-fiction books by C. S. Lewis

How’s that for a title? LOL. Seriously, we bought this box set of C. S. Lewis’s non-fiction that includes The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, A Grief Observed, The Problem of Pain, Miracles, Abolition of Man, and The Four Loves. I’ve read about half of them thus far and am fully convinced that Lewis was one of the most brilliant thinkers of the last century (not that this is news to anyone, of course…). This box set, available from various retailers in the $25-40 range, would make a fabulous gift for anyone who enjoys theology/philosophy books in general, but they’re also super approachable for people like me who usually prefer fiction! Lewis has a very accessible writing style and is clearly talking to everyday people, not seminary students. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War
by Joseph Loconte

Fans of J. R. R. Tolkein, C. S. Lewis, and history in general will enjoy this look at how these two men were not only shaped by their experiences in World War One, but how they, unlike most of their contemporaries, took those experiences and let God use them to draw them closer to Him and end up shaping generations of people through their books. I loved learning more about how these two became friends and encouraged one another, and also to see how faith played a role in their lives. I’d never really examined the backdrop of their writing–a world that had gone cold to religion after the horrors of the Great War–but this book painted it for me in vivid light. I read it primarily as research for the world in which my books are set, and also because I admire both men as writers. It was a fascinating read.

Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science 
of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life
by Rory Sutherland 

My husband had heard about this book as a great one for studying marketing, and he enjoyed it so much that I listened to our audio version too–and loved it. If you’re involved in any sort of business, this is a fantastic read about thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing and promotion. It’s full of practical advice and tons of real-world examples and, best of all, filled me with ideas as I was listening to it. And that’s the sure sign of a good book on this subject! I really enjoyed listening to the audio version, read by the author, as his personality and dry English humor come shining through. I am SO a fan of that, LOL. Definitely a fun one for anyone looking for some fresh ways to bridge the gap between consumer and seller!

How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie

This is my most recent read (or listen, as the case may be) in non-fiction, and I find myself thinking of its precepts ALL THE TIME. The idea of this book is to revolutionize the way we interact–specifically in the workplace, but it applies to family life, church life, and pretty much every other place we find ourselves dealing with other people too. This is an old book, originally published in the 1920s, but it’s been updated a bit here and there with some added modern examples. I absolutely loved every minute of it and plan to read it out loud to my kids in the next year, because it’s full of life-lessons that just can’t be beat. I find myself thinking constantly now about how I can change my approach to people to better communicate with them. This is really a must-read for everyone!

Rachel’s Picks

The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again

by Rachel Marie Martin

I am not a huge fan of nonfiction typically. But this book really got me. SO many important and incredible insights, encouragement, and truths. Definitely recommend it to all moms!

Memory Making Mom
by Jessica Smartt
This book is INCREDIBLE! I love LOVE traditions and making my home and family come together and make memories together. And I really appreciate that Jessica emphasizes that we don’t need to do EVERYTHING suggested…but to try 1 or 2 things and go from there. check it out! Because it’s incredible!
Holiday Book Buying Guide – Contemporary Fiction

Holiday Book Buying Guide – Contemporary Fiction

Time to get back to book recommendations! This week I want to focus on contemporary fiction, and then I’ll wrap up the series on Friday with non-fiction.

Contemporary Fiction

Hold the Light and Shine the Light
by April McGowan

The second of these books released last spring, and while you could read them independently, they’re related, with best friends for heroines. Each book tackles hard subjects, but in a way that shows how God really shines through them. In Hold the Light, Amber is an artist who learns she’s losing her eyesight. What do we do when everything we thought was important is stripped away? Paired with a beautiful love story, this one was one of my favorites–so when April said she was writing best-friend Shannon’s story too, I couldn’t wait! And was totally blown away. Shine the Light highlights the homeless problem that Portland faces in a way that shows love along with reality, and also touches on PTSD and mental health issues. Most of all, though, they’re just fabulous stories with characters so real you’ll think of them at odd times forever after!
Hold the Light
Shine the Light
Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations and Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations
by V. Joy Palmer

Oh. My. Gracious. If you need a good laugh, look no further than these books! Gilmore Girls meets Say Yes to the Dress in these wedding-themed, snarky-voiced contemporary romances full of coffee addicts and potato-chip-obsessed heroines, and the men lucky enough to snag their hearts. The heroines are all best friends and roommates, so it’s super fun to follow them into “their stories”–In book 1, Izzy is a bridal consultant in her aunt’s bridal salon; in book 2, we actually get two romances as twin sisters Apryl and Courtney (reluctantly) accept the challenge of reviving their beloved grandmother’s antique shop, giving it a wedding-venue focus. So. Much. Fun!

Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations
Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | READ

The If I Run series
by Terri Blackstock

This series actually finished up in 2018, but they remain some of my absolute favorite romantic suspense novels EVER, and the fact that you can buy the whole set makes them perfect for gifting. =) The storytelling is stunning, action-packed and thrilling, and the character development just left me thoroughly impressed. It’s hard to make the “romance” element as strong as I’d like it to be in romantic suspense novels because of how much action there is, but Terri Blackstock did a stellar job, building it over three books. Love these stories!!
Mind Games
by Nancy Mehl

This has to be one of the most unique reads of my 2019. The premise is that our heroine, a young FBI profiler, is the daughter a serial killer who was caught when she was a child. Needless to say, she has a few issues–and a burning need to catch others like her father. She’s legally changed her name, but her family’s past seems to be catching up to her when a new serial killer emerges and is pointed directly at her. A serial killer who clearly knows who her father was. Definitely a must-read!! The next book in the series just came out, and it’s my January book club read. I’m so looking forward to it!

A Secret to Die For
by Lisa Harris

This was another romantic suspense that left me thoroughly impressed. Lisa Harris writes a savvy heroine who holds her own against the bad guys she kind of inherits–she’s a psychologist, and one of her patients turns up dead…and has left her in possession of what the bad dudes are after. In addition to great characters, the plot of this one seriously makes you think.

Rachel’s Pick

Bradford Sisters Series
by Becky Wade

Sisters! Each with a challenge to overcome, a charming (and swoony) hero, hidden secrets, faith, redemption, and LOVE! Becky Wade’s series swept me off my feet and I am so in love with this family! There is even an accompanying Christmas story!
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Should Mean BOOKS!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Should Mean BOOKS!

Do you brave the crowds for Black Friday shopping? I’ve done it a few times, but I admit it–I’m not a shopper. I hate crowds, and I’m not a browse-until-you-find-something-for-someone kind of girl. I’m instead a think-of-exactly-what-you-want-and-hunt-it-down kind of girl. Which means the online shopping options suit me really well. 😉 I do especially love that I can support small businesses online, so I love the Cyber Monday thing.
So of course, now that I have stores of my own online, I want to offer deals. 😀 Especially since I’m a firm believer in BOOKS AS GIFTS!!!!! (Why yes, that DOES deserve capitals and exclamation points, LOL.) And, just sayin’, signed books make especially great gifts in my humble opinion.
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Holiday Book Buying Guide – Historicals

Holiday Book Buying Guide – Historicals

Last week I shared some fun book gift-ideas for the kids in your life (or the adults who still enjoy kid books!). Next week I’ll cover contemporary fiction, the following week will be non-fiction. But for now, the genre nearest and dearest: Historical!

Wings Like a Dove
by Camille Eide

I have to list this one first because (a) I just re-read it, (b) it’s one of the best books I’ve read all year, and (c) it releases on Dec 1 from the WhiteFire Group, so I’m really excited about it. This one comes with endorsements from people way more popular than I (like Jane Kirkpatrick, Publisher’s Weekly, and Brian Bird, co-creator and producer of When Calls the Heart), but hey, you’re reading my post right now, not theirs, so you have to listen to my opinion, mwa ha ha ha. 😉 This story–a beautiful love story about a Jewish immigrant who faces down prejudice and malice from the KKK in a small Indiana town in the 1930s, where she ends up meeting the real, unconditional love of our Lord–is AMAZING. It tackles hard things, timely things, but in such a gorgeous, skillful way that you’ll find yourself thinking of it for months after you’ve finished. I deem this one a must-read!!

The Cities of Refuge Series
by Connilyn Cossette

At the moment of writing this, I’m reading Until the Mountains Fall, book three in the series. And, as I’ve come to expect from anything with Conni’s name on the cover, it’s PHENOMENAL. I adore this whole series (which is a spin-off of the Out from Egypt series, though you’ll be fine to pick up these without having read those). If the historical lover on your list likes–or even just wants to try–biblical fiction, these are so great!

The Haven Manor Series
by Kristi Ann Hunter

I love both the concept and execution of these Regencies! They have everything you want from the era-genre, but some extra stuff too, delving into the less known side of things…with a bit of imagination that adds a slice of danger and adventure. Which, of course, equals LOVE. And of course, it’s worth noting that if your or your gift-recipients read book 3 in good time, you could join me and Kristi for a tea party in January! (How cool would it be to get both a book and a tea party book club seat? Just sayin’…)

Before We Were Yours
by Lisa Wingate

I don’t say this lightly–this book is FLAWLESS. Lisa is a Christian author, but this book was published in the general market, and it immediately scorched its way onto all the bestseller lists–for good reason. I’d been hearing about it for a while and finally got the audio version, which was SO well done. One of the few books that made me look for excuses to go exercise or take a drive or do the dishes so I could listen to more. 😉 I have several friends who also listened but then requested the paper version for Christmas this year–which I totally get. This story, about a family of children sucked into the horrors of Georgia Tan’s “orphanages,” is a time-slip between the 1930s kids and a modern day woman determined to figure out what really happened…and what it has to do with her family. SO. GOOD.

Memories of Glass
by Melanie Dobson

I had the honor of reading this one for endorsement, and oh my gracious. I could endorse it heartily! I love Melanie’s time-slip novels, and this one yet again sucked me right into both the modern timeline where I followed a young woman as she tried to unravel the mysteries of her family while also approving funding for a deserving mission school in Africa (which might be run by a handsome guy…) and the WW2 timeline that fictionalizes real events–how those charged with registering the Jews in Holland actually managed to save hundreds of children from being sent to the camps. Perfect for any lover of WW2 or time-slip in general!

A Bound Heart
by Laura Frantz

I love Laura’s books, so when I saw this one coming out this year, I quickly gobbled it up and chose it for my book club, too. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! It combines the drama of Scotland during the Jacobite rebellion with the early colonial-American charm I usually think of when I think of Laura Frantz’s books. Definitely a winner!!

The King’s Mercy
by Lori Benton

All of Lori’s books also make my must-read list. I read this one and Laura’s above back to back, so I was a bit amused at the similar themes of Scottish rebels sentenced to indentured servitude in America as their punishment…but that’s where the similarities end. The King’s Mercy also includes the Native American aspect I always look for in Lori’s books, as well as a love story to make you sigh and some danger to keep you on the edge of your seat. Loved it!

My Dearest Dietrich
by Amanda Barratt

I love Amanda Barratt. And I’m so inspired by the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. So the fact that she wrote a novelization of his bittersweet love story–SO COOL. This one is definitely a hurry-and-buy for any lover of WW2 fiction!

And that’s probably enough for one list, LOL. Though of course, always remember that if you’re looking for SIGNED book options for those historical-fiction lovers, I’m your girl. 😉 Just check out