Ready to test your spy skills?

Every intelligence agent is trained to notice details and remember them. This is crucial for the Imposters but also true of agents in MI5, MI6, the CIA, KGB, and pretty much every other intelligence agency in history.

So let’s play a game to help you start your training!


  • Someone should choose 25 random objects and put them in a box or suitcase. Sit the box or case at one end of a large room or long hallway. Have a master list of the items in the box written down.
  • Line up your participants at the opposite end of the room or hallway. This area is “Headquarters.”
  • With a timer or stopwatch (phone apps or smart watches work great!), give each person 30 seconds or 1 minute (depending on size of space) to get to the end with the box, look inside at what all’s in there, and get back to Headquarters. As soon as they get back, send the next person down, and so on until everyone has taken a look. (You could also send 2 or 3 people down at a time, but no talking among them!)
  • Give everyone a sheet of paper and have them write down all the objects they could remember.
  • Compare everyone’s list, having them help each other and fill in what others missed. Compare to the master list, or else bring the box down and hold up each object.
  • Give out the “random objects” as prizes to the participants, letting the person who’d gotten the most right choose first.

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  1. Aleah Cronk

    Such a fun idea! 😀


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