Last week we were chatting about the style of certain classmates from college, and a friend said, “I bet he wears seersucker suits, doesn’t he?” In fact, he does. 😉 But it made me curious about the word.

We’ve likely all seen that iconic striped fabric…but did you know that the word seersucker actually means “milk and sugar”?

Say what? Yep. Seersucker, a fabric that came to the Western world in 1722, is taken directly from the Hindi sirsakar, which is directly from the Persian words for “milk” (shir) and “sugar” (shakar), referencing the alternately smooth and puckered surface of the striped cloth.

So…do you own any seersucker clothing? I have one pair of pants in the classic white/blue stripe–I like them, but they were actually a freebie from a bundle I purchased on Poshmark, not something I picked out myself, LOL.

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