Do you know where the word trivia comes from? If not, it’s definitely a fun bit of trivia that you’ll want to know! (LOL–couldn’t resist!)

The official meaning of trivia is “bits of information of little consequence.” It became a common word in 1932 but has been around at least since 1902, when a book was published by that name, featuring essays on little-known facts and commonplace moments.

Where, though, did author Logan Pearsall Smith come up with that title? Directly from Latin! Trivia is literally just tri + via. Three … roads. Um … why, you may ask? Well, because at crossroads in the Roman empire–especially where more than 2 roads met up–there would spring up inns and roadhouses and other public, common areas. It was a place where anyone could be and where information was shared. Because in Latin trivialis (the adjective form) meant “public,” it also came to mean “common, commonplace.”

Trivia became a game made popular among college students in the US in the 1960s, and Trivial Pursuit, the board game, became wildly popular after its release in 1982.

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