Guess what came in this week! (Assuming you read the title of the post, that’s a “duh” question, right? LOL) The audio sample for Shadowed Loyalty!

Which was honestly quite a surprise, because I just got them the final file on Monday. They must have had narrators queued up and waiting to audition, because I received their pick on Thursday.

And I’m happy to report that I find her delightful. 😉 Feel free to listen!

One note: she misreads the heroine’s name, LOL. Easy to do! She reads it as “Sabrina,” with an R, but it’s the rhyming “Sabina,” with no R, in actuality. Just so you know. I made sure they knew to make her aware of that before she records the whole thing, ha ha.

Getting so excited for this release!

Audio book sample of Shadowed Loyalty