Hello, my ladies!

Well, it was quite a week! I finished the first draft of Yesterday’s Tides (YAY!!), which took up all of Monday and Tuesday–and finished it literally just in time to tab over to a Zoom Q&A that I was hosting for writers, LOL.

Wednesday I spent trying to catch up on the tasks that had piled up, and then Thursday I had to spend the whole day reading (shucks, right?) so I could write a column of book reviews for the April edition of Christianity Today. Fun! I haven’t spent a whole day reading in…I don’t know how long. Years, probably. But I quite enjoyed my day with Toni Shiloh’s In Search of a Prince, gotta say. =)

I also spent some time this week creating some resources and tools for us on the Groups.io page, including a calendar for our birthdays and also a database for adding your addresses, if you’re comfortable doing so, so members can send each other cards or what have you. =) Totally voluntary, of course! I’ve linked to those where I mentioned them here. This did require upgrading the group, which means there are lots of new features available, which I’ll explore. =)

I had a rather mean note from a reader this week, which threw me off a bit on Tuesday morning, though I do get a weird satisfaction out of figuring out how to compose a super gracious response. 😉

Oh, and I got the samples in for our P&P tote bags! One of them has a really wide bottom, which I’m loving, so that’ll probably be my pick. I was going to give you color choices in case you don’t like purple, but, um, that’s the only color in stock, so… hope you like purple! 😉