Hello, my ladies!

Where did this week go?? (Oh, right. It went into insulin pump classes and Zoom author panels with Baker Book House, and church, and then prepping for my son’s birthday!) Hope yours was a good one!

Above is my video update for the week, but as always, here’s the nutshell. I’ve been reading through Yesterday’s Tides in preparation for turning it in next week, doing a lot of baking for the above-mentioned birthday (how is he 14??), and trying to catch up on some design projects too.

We’ve also been considering hosting a retreat and wanted to bring it up with you guys first. =) My hubby and I would run this together (so your spouses are welcome too!), and we have a couple different options for theme. Ideally, this is something we’d do at least a couple times a year, so if you’d be interested at all, please fill out the form! You can find it on the Welcome page (at the bottom) or here.