Hi, guys! Here’s my video update from Friday, January 14, 2022.

In case you don’t have time to watch, here’s the gist. =)

My goal was to write 20,000 words this week, and so far I’m on schedule, with 16K written as of Thursday evening. I’m not sure I’ll actually hit my 4K goal today, because we’re heading down to the DC area this afternoon for dinner, but hopefully I can either get it in or make up for it over the weekend. Next week, more writing!

I have a new editor at Bethany House and got to meet her via Zoom yesterday, which was fun. And as you can see in the other post, I also got my first listen to the audio narrator selected for the Visibullis biblical fiction books!

My son, Rowyn, also had his 1-year lab work done after his Type 1 diagnosis, and I’m happy to report that everything else they check for–cholesterol, thyroid issues, Celiac (commonly go along with T1)–are are perfect!

It’s been so great getting to know all of you this week! Please chime in, either in comments here or in the app, with your updates or prayer requests!