Hello, my ladies!

I’m not bothering to embed the video for this week because all you’ll see is a very bleary-eyed me saying this:

I wrote 52,000 words this week! For those of you not up on the word counts of books, that’s about half a standard historical novel, LOL. It brings my total word count up to about 96,000 words. I have 8 scenes remaining, which will hopefully be fast-moving, shorter scenes (because I cannot let this thing stretch to 130,000 words or there will be lots of trimming in my future!).

I quite literally did nothing else all week, so there’s nothing else to report. 😉 Next week my goal is to finish up!

Please feel free to check in, either via email or Marco Polo, to tell us how your week has gone, share your prayer requests, and let us know what next week holds!