Exciting news! So a couple months ago, I signed a contract with Tantor Audio to produce my biblical fiction (A Stray Drop of Blood, A Soft Breath of Wind, and Jewel of Persia) as audio books. Yay!

Well, they’re doing the casting now! I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the narrators as we select them. (By “select,” I mean that they send me their choice and I can veto it or approve it, LOL.)

So this is the narrator for Stray Drop and Soft Breath, Mary Sarah. She has quite the resume! I admit I wasn’t sure as I listened to the first paragraph or two, but by the end of this clip she had totally won me over. The passion and drama in her reading!!!

What do you think?

(We’re still nailing down Jewel of Persia‘s casting, but hopefully I’ll have that one to share next week.)