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The authors who have written books for Guideposts’s Ordinary Women of the Bible series are excited to team up and tell you a bit about our stand-alone biblical fiction. Each book focuses on a woman in the Bible–some named, some unnamed–and tells the familiar story you’ve no doubt read with our own imaginings added to provide depth and background. In this blog hop, you get to learn a bit about some of them.

Collect each keyword in each post and turn them in by October 11 to be entered to win a complete set of the series!* Many authors will also have an individual giveaway you can answer (like me!) You can find the complete list of blog stops and the entry form here.

I wrote book 15 in the series, The Prophet’s Songbird, and had so much fun doing it!

About the Book

WITH A PROPHET FOR A FATHER and a professional mourner for a mother, Atarah has always known the power of words and of song. But her joyful praises are silenced when she is captured in a Syrian raid along with Tavi, a young man who loses his freedom trying to protect her. However, in Damascus, Atarah soon discovers that their new master, Naaman, isn’t the monster she expected—and that her songs glorifying the Most High have a profound effect on his household.

When Naaman shows signs of leprosy, which could spell the end of his career and destroy his family, Atarah tells him of a prophet in Israel who could banish the disease with a word. Though Naaman’s enemies hope for the worst, Atarah trusts he will encounter the power of the Most High. But by faithfully serving a master who serves Israel’s enemy, has she cut herself off from her people forever? Or will the One True God use her to teach a new song of praise to His children?

When my editor at Guideposts approached me about this series, she sent a list of possible characters to focus on, and I knew right away which one I wanted to do–Naaman’s handmaiden, from the story of Naaman being healed of leprosy in 2 Kings. You see, a while back, I had an idea for a story about this unnamed young woman–a Hebrew slave to an enemy general who respected him so much that she sent him to her own people’s prophet for healing.

I was so excited to have the chance to write this story! As I brainstormed the possibilities, I decided that my heroine, Atarah, would help me explore the purpose of praise. Why do we have all those songs, the Psalms, included in the Bible? Why is it still part of our worship? Are there right and wrong ways to do it?

Atarah is the daughter of a prophet from the School and a professional mourner. When the Syrians raid their town and she’s captured, she thinks it’s the end of everything–certainly the end of her joyful songs. But even in Damascas, she finds that words of praise to the Almighty will not be still on her tongue…and through those words, she impacts the people around her.

The servant in Naaman’s story who encourages him to dip in the Jordan even when he feels insulted by the command also plays a key role in my version of the tale! Tavi, in my story, was captured in the same raid because he tried to save Atarah’s life. These two friends navigate Damascas together, and learn what it means to serve the Lord in a foreign land.

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