I don’t know about you, but where did this month go?! The end of the school year is upon us, summer is just around the corner (or has arrived for some of you), and my TBR is growing by the minute! My next read is On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor by Jaime Jo Wright. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so HERE.

Roseanna’s Reads

With the Kids

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lord

This little book, telling the story of a young girl who moves from China to New York, is utterly charming. It captures the beauty of the ancient society from which she came, but also the hope and community of immigrants…and what it’s like for a kid to be tossed head-first into a new school whose language she doesn’t even speak. I loved rereading this one!

For Fun

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate
This is by no means a new release, but it was featured prominently in the awesome little bookstore in Ocracoke, since it’s set on nearby Hatteras Island, and I couldn’t resist. Glad I didn’t! This is a beautiful story of second chances and finding family and community in the most unexpected of places. I love that the main character, Tandi, was a total, realistic mess…with an ugly past and plenty of screw-ups. She had no huge, enormous, split-second epiphany–instead, her life was quietly changed by the legacy a faithful woman of God left behind. If you haven’t read this one yet, GO GET IT NOW!

For Fun

Stay with Me by Becky Wade

Somehow I’ve managed to go all this time without having read anything by Becky Wade! GASP! I don’t know how I managed that, but I’m glad I finally remedied the situation. This first book in her Misty River Romance series was beautifully done and did a great job handling not only the main theme of addiction recovery, but also teased out a theme that’s even bigger–the American church’s tendency to never reveal our faults until we’re either discovered or victorious over the struggle. Which means we never actually have the chance to support each other. Wonderful romance, and I can’t wait to read more from Becky!

On Audio

To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden
Okay, I’ll confess: I didn’t finish this one, but it’s not because I wasn’t absolutely enjoying the story–I very much was! I’d borrowed it from the library, though, and my loan ran out…and I decided I’d rather read it in paper or even ebook, because (ahem…sorry!) the narrator was driving me nuts. 😉 I listened to enough to know I definitely want to finish the story though. Such an interesting premise and setting! We don’t have much set during (or around) the Spanish-American war, so it’s been fascinating to learn more about that time.

Rachel’s Reads

I’ve managed to fit in quite a few reads this month! Yay! I’m highlighting only a couple of my favorites. My Spring TBR theme has been Young Adult/Fantasy/Magical Realism…But I managed to sneak in one of my ALL-TIME favorite Historical Romances!

For Fun

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner
*This is a general market, adult, magical realism book. There is some language and hard topics addressed* That being said, I absolutely loved this book! Strong female roles. Mystery. Murder. Revenge. This was a quick read and very engaging. Timeslip between modern day and eighteenth-century London, you will find yourself swept away to another world in this story.

My Kiddo's Favorite

The Missing Ace by Cosentino and Jack Heath

It was a happy day when I realized that my son (8) LOVED reading. He’s been going through books like crazy. So thankful that our library is open again and we can browse the shelves. His current favorite book is The Missing Ace book 1 of the Cosentino series. We found ours through Usborne, but they are available on Amazon as well. 🙂 Cosentino is real escape artist/illusionist that performed on Australia’s Got Talent. We’ve enjoyed watching a few of his videos as well.

On Audio

The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof
If you haven’t read this book….Go.read.it.now! Carrie (Reading is my SuperPower) told me this, and I kept putting it off until I finally caved to her badgering…Y’ALL….This is my most reread fiction book….EVER. I love the audio version as well. I was in the mood for it this month and so I’ve been listening to it on the way to my workout classes.

With the Kids

The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Richard L. Neuberger

I’ve always loved learning about the Lewis and Clark Expedition! Maybe because I was born and raised close to where their path went and have seen some of the amazing places they saw. I’m a sucker for historical locations. I love to soak up the history and the emotions of the place. So reading this book with the kids was a really fun way to explore their path once again.

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