Holidays mean food. (So do regular days, LOL.) And this year, with trying to limit our trips to the store, I’m making more of an effort than usual to make sure all leftovers get eaten. Which led me to pull everything out of the fridge and declare dinner a smorgasbord of leftovers (when else do you get to have pizza with a side of mashed potatoes? This is awesome.). Which, of course, led my daughter to ask, “What does smorgasbord even mean? What a weird word.”
I replied, “I think it’s Scandinavian. Beyond that…I don’t know.”
Cue that oh-so-familiar declaration of, “Word of the Week!” (This is shouted in our house regularly, LOL.)
And so, here we go–and it’s a funny one! Smorgasbord is, in fact, Swedish. Literally meaning (are you ready?) “butter-goose table.” Yep. Butter-goose table. Though before you start scratching your head too much, let’s note that though that is its literal meaning, in Sweden it actually has become the term used for a slice of bread and butter. Namely, not a full meal, but a light dish. When you add the bord to the end, it means a table set out with such dishes. This is from around 1893 (when it joined English, anyway). But by 1948, the word was used to mean any medley.
Have you had any smorgasbords in your house lately?
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