‘Tis the season for snow here in America (or at least the more northern parts of it), and so I thought it would be a great time to share a devotional that one of my characters wrote. 😉 These are the words of LuAnn Sherrill from the Secrets of Wayfarers Inn #20, There’s No Place Like Holmes. Which just released, so I thought it would be a great time to share.

In the story, there had just been a big snow storm, which had LuAnn waxing philosophical. In reality, I wrote this on my writing retreat last April. 😉 It isn’t all that long, but hopefully it’s something that will speak to you in these bleak, cold days of winter…especially when the white stuff is falling.


This morning, not surprisingly, I was thinking about snow. I was
thinking about how the blood of the Lamb makes us as white and pure as those
drifts outside. But as I studied our world, I realized it was a lot more than
that. Think about the world you see when you look out the window after a fresh snow.
It isn’t just white. Snow covers things. It hides them, just as we are
hidden in the wings of our Lord. Snow rounds the edges, just as our God will round
ours, if we let Him. Snow has this remarkable ability to become all we see, just
as our Savior fills our vision.
Snow can be a powerful, driving force. But one flake… One flake is nothing, in one sense. It has no power on its own. But it
has infinite beauty. When we look at a snowflake, we see the laws that the
Creator put into effect, we see the patterns He set in motion. 
And we, my
friends, are the same. We are the possessors of infinite beauty. We are made,
each one of us, in His image…yet each one, like a crystal of snow, is different.
Because He is infinite, while we are finite. He is the atmosphere to our single
But one of the most amazing things He did for us was to set us with
other snowflakes. We see what effect a snowstorm, a blizzard, can have. And the
same is true of His children. Alone, we may be so small that sometimes we think
we go unseen. But we’re part of something. Part of a driving force. And
together, we can work miracles. We can turn a plain into a mountain.
And we can turn a mountain into a cloud. We have only to play out our
role in His story.
Dear Lord, thank You for filling us. Thank You for filling our hearts every day that we let You in.
Thank You for giving us the fellowship of friends. Of family. Bless each one reading this, Father, and draw us all closer to You. Soothe hurting hearts and speak
truth to our spirits. Fill our conversations through with Your Truth. Amen.