Since it’s Thanksgiving week, I’m taking a break from normal blogging (and focusing on getting A Portrait of Loyalty, the last book in the Codebreakers series, revised and turned back in). But first I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!
This year has had its challenges (they all do, right?), but I have so many things to be thankful for. For a God whose grace and mercy go so far beyond anything I could comprehend. For a family that is full of love and sarcasm (which I adore, LOL). For the continued opportunity to write and publish.
I also just want to say how grateful I am for those of you who read my books and my blog. It’s been about a year since I began sending out my blogs in my newsletters each week–it was totally an experiment at the time to see if it would work, and I’ve been blown away by you guys. 
Sometimes we writers feel like we’re just typing words into a vacuum. That they don’t really matter, that we’re isolated and alone. But every week I now get replies to the words. Replies that let me know I’m still writing for a purpose beyond my “have to.” So thanks. Thanks for inviting me into your inbox. Thanks for actually taking the time to read what I’ve written. Thanks–SO MUCH–for taking the time to reply. Every time you do, you light up my day. Seriously.
On Friday, I’ll be posting a coupon code to my store AND to WhiteFire’s store for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, so if you’ve got books on your shopping list, be sure to check out those coupons! And have a Thanksgiving full of, above all, the awareness of who God is and His incredible love for us!

What are you especially thankful for in 2019?

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