Are You Ready???

I am so happy to announce that Bethany House granted me permission to host a Sneak Peek Serial again for you! If you were hanging around here when The Number of Love was released, this will sound familiar…And I HOPE you are excited!!! To refresh our memories…
What is it?
Pretty much what it sounds like. The first few chapters of On Wings of Devotion will be given to me to pass along to you. But not in one chunk you’d have to sit there and read on your screen. No, we’re going to be taking a page from history and serializing it! That means you’ll be getting small, manageable, bite-size snippets to read. (All previously-released sections will be available by following a link, so you won’t have to worry if you’ve missed any.)

Where will it be?
This will be released daily in my newsletter. Usually, my newsletter goes out weekly, containing my Thoughtful Thursday post, any book news or sales, and any behind-the-scenes or giveaways that I’m doing.

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When will it begin?
This will begin in one week on Sunday, December 1.
How long will it run?
We’ll be doing about a page a day, so you’ll receive your daily bite of the book through the month of December–it’ll finish up just before the book releases on January 7th!

Happy Reading!!!
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