Post originally published 4/18/2011

Another Word of the Week revisit coming your way, again from my first days of doing these features in 2011. 😀 And today we’re (re)looking at amen.
“Amen” is a direct translation from a
Hebrew word that literally means “so be it.” That makes a ton of sense–when we end a prayer, we’re asking God to make whatever we prayed for be. But until the 13th century, it wasn’t tacked onto the end of prayers, but rather at the end of texts, carrying the meaning of
“verily” or “truly” and carrying with it a meaning of agreement. (Think,
“Amen to that!”)
Jesus revolutionized the “amen”
by using it at the beginning of speech without referring to the words of another speaker. He used it instead to claim the truth of what he was about to say. Pretty cool, huh? 😀