Twenty-one years ago, I had an idea for a story. Specifically, this idea came to me on Good Friday. The story of a woman there in the crowd at Jesus’ trial. A woman who went to said trial eager to see Barabbas find justice. A woman who instead, collided with mercy, grace, and the eternal power of the blood Jesus shed for us. That day, when I was fifteen, I sat down and wrote a short story which I called “A Stray Drop of Blood.””
Over the next six years, I slowly turned that short story into a book. A long book. I finished writing it during my last few months of college, finishing it up the same week I graduated. The next year, my husband published it as the launching title of WhiteFire Publishing. That was in 2005. Not much happened with that hardback version. We just made (literally, in our basement) a few hundred copies and boxed them up.
Shockingly, we eventually sold out of them. So in 2009, we decided to put out a paperback version.
This, my friends, was the start of something. I just didn’t know it at the time.
In those four years, I’d learned so much about writing and the publishing industry! So I totally rewrote the book. I cut it from over 200,000 words to a “reasonable” (ahem) 180,000 (yes, that’s still two normal-sized books. Insert me shrugging, LOL). Kindle was just getting on its feet, so we put up an e-book.
And over the next couple of years, this book that I loved so much, that had taken up so many of my thoughts for so many years, began to truly sell. WhiteFire began to grow. Through this book, we gained the attention of other writers and began adding them to our list. In ten years, we went from a publisher with just me to a publisher with 50 authors and 115 titles. In that same ten years, I went from having that one book out with my husband’s company to have 22 books out or under contract. It’s been quite a decade. And it really all started with that 2009 version of A Stray Drop of Blood.
In January, we looked down and realized that 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of this book as it is now. The 10th anniversary of WhiteFire as the publisher it’s become. 
That seemed big. So we decided to celebrate.
First, with another hardback. To harken back to that first version we literally hand-crafted (we’re not doing that this time, LOL. No apologies). Second, with a re-designed paperback (with typos corrected, haha). And third, with some bonus content. When I created the 2009 version, I also created a Companion Guide with some of my research, which had been available on my website. I added it directly to the book for all three of these new versions, including the digital one.
I am so, so excited to bring you this new version of this old book! I’m in love with the new cover. I’m in love with the idea of having a hardback-with-dust-jacket version again. And mostly, I’m in love with the idea of recognizing formally the journey that we’ve been on and thanking God for every step along the way.
Since the sequel to Stray Drop had been designed to coordinate, I redid the cover for it too. And I have to say, I’m just as in love with this new look, LOL. As I was reviewing the PDF for A Soft Breath of Wind before submitting it to the printer, I spot-read a bit here and there and was also reminded of how much I love this story, how God orchestrated things in ways I never would have dreamed to hand me the time to write it, seven years after the idea for it first came to me.
Last week, after I finished up some edits, I focused on getting these new versions ready to print. I had to pick a release date, so I just looked at the calendar and chose one that seemed logical. Only afterward did I realize that the date I selected — April 8 — is pretty significant.
April 8 is what David and I always celebrated as our dating anniversary. Which would be the date that began this journey. Because it was that decision–and the resulting argument with my best friend over it, LOL–that led me to sit down on the couch that Good Friday with my Bible a few hours later and read about the day. That’s what led to this story. So when I realized that the date I chose is, in fact, the anniversary of the short story…I had a “wow” moment.
So…yeah. I’m super excited about this re-release, as you can probably tell. 😀 And I’m also excited to be able to offer you bargain pricing on the Classic Edition if you’d like the chance to read it for cheap. Now, these are the original press run, which has some typos that have since been corrected–fair warning. 😉 But other than corrections and some styling, it’s the same as this newest version.
I realize not all of my readers are fans of biblical fiction, and that many prefer the lighter style of my historical romances (my bib-fic tends to be pretty intense). And of course, my writing has evolved a good bit since 2009. But I still love these books so, so much. And I’m so excited to celebrate the last decade of writing with you!
Would you be interested in seeing a
Behind the Design on the cover process for these two new ones?
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