The word campaign has been in English since the 1600s, arriving in our tongue from Latin, by way of French. In its early days, campaign was reserved for military courses of action. Why?
Well, it’s actually from the Latin word campus, which means “an open field.” Soldiers on active duty were often out “in the field”–something we still say today. This, then, became extended to include the course of action the military would undergo in a particular area, especially because these actions were generally planned during the winters (when they were literally just camped in a field) before the action in the spring.
In the 1790s, campaign was extended to mean any planned course of action. And in 1809 it took on the political meaning we use so often today.

And also, an announcement! I’ll be doing a LIVE cover reveal tonight (Monday 25 February) at 7:00 p.m. Eastern in Roseanna White Live! You’ll be able to watch both on Facebook and on my website, live or on-demand.
Did you realize my debut novel, A Stray Drop of Blood, is turning 10 this year?! I can’t believe it’s been so long…and I wanted to celebrate by giving Stray Drop a new cover! (Classic edition will still be available in paperback too, as long as my stock holds out…which should be a while, LOL.) This new cover will be on the ebook, a new paperback with bonus content, AND a hardback with dust jacket!
PLUS (wow, I feel like a pitchman, LOL), because A Soft Breath of Wind‘s cover had been designed to coordinate with Stray Drop‘s, I redesigned that one as well and will be revealing it at the same time! It’s going to be super fun, y’all!!! Please drop by live so we can chat about it in real time! 😀

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