Writing can be a solitary endeavor–and books arguably have one central character. But whether in life or in story, friends are SO important!

My best friend is also a writer, so when she came to me with the idea for a best-friend-themed giveaway, I met the suggestion with enthusiasm! Especially given the books we’re promoting. Her fantabulous The Lost Girl of Astor Street is all about best friends–and what what one will do when the other goes missing. And my Shadows Over England Series is also about best friends–friends so dependent on each other they call themselves sisters.
As two writer BFFs, we know all about supporting each other through highs and lows–cheering each other on through frustrations and disappointments, rejoicing at contracts and good reviews. Though we live a thousand miles apart, rarely does a day ever go by without our Hangouts chiming a message. It’s been just over 10 years ago that Stephanie and I met, and I can’t imagine going through life or writing without her!
holiday season, we want to see you and YOUR best friend. Send us a picture or
share one on social media tagging both of us, and you’ll get entered to
win signed, personalized copies of The Lost Girl of Astor Street and A Name Unknown for you AND your best friend. Here are the details:
  1. Snap
    a picture of you and your best friend or get one of your old favorites.
    (For the purposes of this contest, your best friend must be human.)
  2. Between now and December 11th, share the picture in one or all of the following ways:
    1. Post it on Facebook and tag us. Here’s our author pages: Stephanie Morrill, Roseanna M. White
    2. Post it on Twitter and tag us. @StephMorrill @RoseannaMWhite
    3. Post it on Instagram and tag us at Stephanie Morrill and Roseanna M. White
    4. No social? No problem. Email the photo to us (not as an attachment, but in the email, please) Stephanie@StephanieMorrillBooks.com and Roseanna@RoseannaWhite.com
    5. Do all four to get entered to win FOUR times!
    6. Link to the giveaway in your social post to get entered an additional time PER post. 
    7. Please make sure to tag us! If you don’t tag us, we don’t know you’re doing it!
  3. On December 12th,
    we will email winners to get names and mailing addresses for you and
    your best friend. Gift wrap is available upon request, and we will even
    jot a note to your BFF to let them know how much you love them! (Due to
    the harsh reality of international shipping prices, this giveaway is
    only available to U.S. residents.)
  4. Have fun!

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