I announced a while ago that WhiteFire Publishing is launching a line for the under 18 crowd. Well, we’re considering having an imprint name for these books–picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult.

So the challenge, if you choose to accept it:

Come up with a name for the imprint!

Things to keep in mind:

  • It would be great if it appealed to some part of the WhiteFire name, but it’s not required
  • It should call to mind an image that we can use as a logo
  • If we can find one that would work for the entire line, that would be best; though if we end up deciding on a different one for the YA line, that’s okay too


Can I submit more than one?
Yes! Submit as many as you like!

When does the contest end?
It will run for 2 weeks, from 9/20/17 – 10/4/17

Who’s the contest open to?
Everyone! All ages and countries welcome, though physical prizes will only be mailed to the US or Canada. Digital prizes are available for all, though!

Will you definitely choose one of the submitted names for your imprint?
No, this contest is not guaranteed. The ultimate decision will be made by the WhiteFire staff.

What happens if the same name is submitted by multiple people and is the one chosen?
See the prize section below.

If you choose mine (or a name directly derived from my submission) what do I win?
Well, fabulous question. Let’s talk about that.

If a name you recommend (or a direct derivation) is chosen for the imprint, you’ll receive

$100 worth of WhiteFire Titles

You can choose which titles you’d like and the format; US or Canadian winners are eligible for either paperback or digital books, or any combination thereof. Non US or Canadian addresses are eligible for digital books.

If by some coincidence multiple people submit the same name and it’s the one chosen, then each winner will receive $75 worth in prizes.

Where to Enter:

You can either enter on the Google form page or right here.