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I’m thrilled to welcome the amazing Cindy Woodsmall to my
blog! Cindy has been writing bestselling Amish fiction for years and wowing
readers for good reason. If you haven’t checked out her books before now, don’t
waste any other time doing so! (Confession: I’m not a huge fan of Amish
fiction, but I’ve loved everything I’ve read of Cindy’s!!)
Cindy is here with The Angel of Forest Hill, an amazing
journey toward love and belonging, filled with the wonder of the season of
Christ’s birth. Because of Joel’s impossible situation, twenty-one-year-old
Rose must sacrifice everything. As days pass into years in the midst of the
beautiful hills, the laughter of children, and God’s providence—is it too much
for Rose to hope for love in return?
And now without further ado, here’s Cindy!
Seven Ways I Escape into an Amish Setting
by Cindy Woodsmall
 I love writing, and I love exploring the Amish culture and
the challenges and romance that are a part of that lifestyle. Since my home as
an adult is far removed from the Plain world, I rely on certain methods to help
me escape into the Amish world
1.         Some
mornings, I rise early, the way I do when staying with Amish friends, and then
sit on the porch with my coffee. While darkness surrounds me, I listen as
nature wakes. Keeping the windows open once I’m in my home office helps too.
2.         I may put
bread onto bake. (In the bread machine, of course!) The aroma of bread baking
really helps transport me.
3.         Years ago,
as an Old Order Amish friend and I were going to the dry goods store by horse
and buggy, I took a video clip of it as the horse clippety-clopped along, and
watching that is often helpful. (Click to see the video!)
4.         Throughout
the last two decades, I’ve taken many pictures (by permission) of Amish
friends. Those can visually transport me from my home in Georgia into their
homes and lives once again.
5.         Spreading an
Amish-made quilt over me works well. If it’s winter and my windows are open,
this is a nice treat. If it’s summer, it’s a good reminder of how hot a day
gets for the Amish since they don’t have air-conditioning.
6.         Brewing
coffee in a percolator on my gas stove the way the Amish do surrounds me with
the feel and aroma of being in an Amish home.
7.         Going to the
local farmer’s market is very helpful. The one nearest me has ten to fifteen
booths that line one side street of a small, historic town. Sometimes going to
an antique store is helpful too.


Cindy Woodsmall is an award-winning New York Times and CBA
best-selling author who has written nineteen works of fiction. Her connection
with the Amish community has been widely featured in national media outlets,
including being featured on ABC Nightline. The Wall Street Journal listed Cindy
as one of the top three most popular authors of Amish fiction.
Here’s the Stop #4 Skinny:
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And of course, I have one for you as well. =)

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