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I have always been intrigued by English gardens, and much preferred flower gardens over those ever-practical vegetable gardens (what can I say–I guess I’m not very practical! LOL). When I began my Ladies of the Manor Series, one of the things I loved was viewing the English countryside–and blooms–through the eyes of my heroines.

In the first book of the series, The Lost Heiress, Brook hails from Monaco. A densely-populated city on the Mediterranean coast, Monte Carlo was vastly different from the Yorkshire countryside where Brook ends up. I had so much fun looking up images and videos of the region and then seeing them through Brook’s eyes.

One of the first images she sees as the train crests a hill is wild heather. Even in my Appalachian home, I love coming around a turn and seeing swaths of green and purple. Brook, accustomed to the arid climate of Monaco, finds this sight breathtaking. Even more than the cultivated gardens of her new home in Yorkshire, she loves the wildflowers she sees when she’s out riding toward the North Sea.

In the second book of the series, Rowena is from the highlands of Scotland, where that beautiful purple heather is one of the native species that thrives. In the opening of the book, autumn is upon them, and she’s looking out over a brown landscape, feeling as cold and lifeless as the drying grasses. But throughout the pages of the book, as she escapes the shadows of her past and ends up in Sussex, in the south of England, her world begins to look brighter. And she begins to treasure those small beauties that God places in her paths.

Wildflowers in bloom. Heather rolling across the hills. Blue skies after a dark night.

Join Rowena in the gardens of both Whitby Park (from The Lost Heiress) and Midwynd (her new home in Sussex) in The Reluctant Duchess.  

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