Sir Sumbras at the Ford by JE Millais, 1857
Hello, m’lovelies! I’m back from the beach and back to business. =) And while I was gone, a friend sent me a link to some awesome word etymologies, so I thought I’d share one with you today.
So. We all know the word “wend,” right? We wend our way through crowds and other things that make us take twisty paths and whatnot. But apparently back in the day wend and go were synonyms. Used interchangeably. You could wend anywhere you could go and vice versa.
In those days (of Middle English), the past tense of wend was went and the past tense of go was gaed. Then round about the 15th century, people started to like go better for whatever reason. Only, the past tenses of the synonyms got mixed up. Hence one of our most crazily irregular verbs–it’s actually a mix-up of another verb! Pretty fun, huh?
I’ll be bringing you more of the words from this list over the next couple weeks. =)
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