I’ve studied Ancient Greek. As in, took 2 years of the language, in addition to reading a slew of the texts. So things Ancient Greek I like–and tend to use. And assume I know pretty well. 😉
And so, I’ve never hesitated to use the word “kudos” in a historical manuscript because, well, I know it’s directly from the Greek. I know it’s old.
But apparently the English didn’t pick up on this fun word until 1799. Sigh. 😉
Kudos, taken directly from Greek (if altered slightly because of a non-meshing of the alphabets), means “fame, renown.” Though it may sound plural to an English speaker with that -s ending, it is in fact singular. 
When kudos first entered our language, it was in academic circles only–among those who would have read the Greek, go figure. =) But by the 1920s, journalists had picked up on it and began to use it in articles, which entered it into the mainstream.
And to give kudos where it’s due, I’d love to direct everyone to the Colonial Quill Anniversary Celebration today! We’re especially celebrating the releases of two members’ books this month, but also the founding of our oh-so-delightful Colonial group blog. Please stop by and join in our e-party. =)
Oh! And though I’m not sharing this for the kudos (tee hee hee), I just learned that Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland is RT Book Reviews’ Top Pick for Inspirationals for December! So exciting!!
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