My word of the week is “holiday,” not only because today is Labor Day, but because this week all my posts are going to be gearing up toward 9/11. Which isn’t an official holiday, I know, but I think for all of us it’s a day of remembrance.
“Holiday” is a fairly literal word, coming from the mashing together of “holy day,” in its original meaning of a sabbath (day of rest), a celebration, or a remembrance. In the 14th century, it took on the meaning not only of a religious holiday, but any day of recreation. By 1869, it had also become a verb meaning “to pass the holidays,” hence to holiday in the Riviera. (If only, LOL.)
I hope everybody today is enjoying their Labor Day and taking a much-needed day of rest. In our house, Xoe was too impatient to want to start school tomorrow, so we dove in today–at 6:30 a.m. no less. =)
But I hope this week we also pause to think about how our nation and world changed ten years ago. Because of the close proximity of Labor Day to 9/11, I’m going to be spending much of it not only resting but remembering. And as I remember, I’ll be sharing with you here on my blog, culminating with an article I post annually that I wrote the day following 9/11 and which appeared in my hometown newspaper.
I hope that this day and week reminds us all of the original meaning of “holiday” too, and that we not only rest and remember, but reflect on that which is holy and sacred. I pray that this week be filled with the breath of the Spirit upon our lives, and that He open our eyes to His might in new ways over the next days. Amen.
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