Can’t say as I’ve ever looked up the etymology of “giddy” before, but since I’ve been using it to describe my emotional state all week, I decided it would be an appropriate Word today. =) (For any who haven’t yet heard why I’m giddy, check out my “Woo Hoo!” post.)

In Old English, the word that’s very close to giddy meant “insane, mad, stupid, possessed by a spirit.” But for whatever reason, that questionable madness, by the 1540s, had come to describe the happy, elated feeling we associate with the word today. I suppose those who are insane can demonstrate it, which would account for the move of meaning, but I sure hope my behavior this past week didn’t make anyone think “Is she possessed?” LOL.

Honestly, I find it pretty surprising that a bunch of other meanings haven’t sprung up in that amount of time, but I consider this one of those words that gets to keep its nearly-original meaning because it sounds like it means. Giddy–doesn’t it just perfectly convey the happy, bubbling euphoria of its meaning with those quick syllables? (Contrast with “quagmire,” which is so long and sluggish in sound, much like the marshy mire of its meaning . . .)

Here’s to continued giddiness all week!

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