Instead of spotlighting an author friend today, I’m spotlighting my awesome readers, who have rocked out the title contest. I was truly amazed at the creativity y’all showed, and the lists a few of you came up with.

Several people said they had no interest in the free books, just wanted to play, and some of their suggestions were oh-so-good. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m going to pick some finalists. You all are going to vote. The books will either go to the winner or, if the winner was one who didn’t want the books, I’ll divvy them up between the other finalists.

Ready? Drumroll please! . . . .

The Storm Still Raging (my mom)
Awaken the Dawn (Kristen)
Deeper than the Sea (Mary)
Yesterday’s Tides (a rewording of one of Sandi’s)
Tempest of the Heart (Debbie Lynn, though I took out a word;-)

So get voting! And lemme just say . . . you guys warmed my heart with your enthusiasm for the story as well as the contest. This is totally how I’m going to decide on titles from now on, lol.

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