I was going to post the Title Contest results in a weekend blog, then I thought, “Nah. Monday’s a holiday, I can be lazy and do that in place of my normal post.” Mwa ha ha ha.

So pooling all the votes from the different sites my blog posts too (ShoutLife and Facebook, by the way), Yesterday’s Tides won by two votes, with The Storm Still Raging coming in second and Deeper than the Sea getting third.

The winning title was inspired by Sandi Rog, so I will be emailing her shortly with a choice of three out of the four books, and send the other to our third place winner, Mary Proctor. (Second place is my mom, and she said “No books, please.” Perhaps because she has little shelving. Perhaps because she’d already read most of them, lol.) So congrats to these two lovely ladies who will soon be enjoying some fine reading!

I had a lot of fun with this and am going to keep it in mind for future brainstorming needs. You all rock! Now, off to enjoy my lazy holiday. Hope everyone has a good one!

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