I’m going to ease back into my real life today, so my blog will be pretty informal. (As opposed to how strict I usually am, right? Hardy har har.)

Had a great time in Denver. I think by far the best part was getting to spend face time with my critique group. I had some very encouraging editor meetings, too. The best would be the one where I got a very nice proposal request, then she asked if I had a writing sample. So I pulled out the manuscript I’d just pitched her (see, this is why I always bring a proposal with me!) and she gushed over the writing. Her request turned into a “Yes, I definitely want to read this. Send this right away.” Woo hoo!

So now I’m back home and thinking, “Do I really have to do laundry today? Really? I’m thinking it can wait until tomorrow. 😉 I’ve got a cousin in town I hope to connect with over the next couple of days, and over a thousand emails that have built up. Wanna take bets on how many are real?

For all you ACFWers at the conference, I enjoyed seeing you!

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