. . . to bring you my birthday. No, got nothing special. Just feeling too lazy to decide which of my awesome friends to write about this week. 😉

Not sure what, if any, plans I have. My party was last weekend (joint party with my dad, whose birthday is the 2nd) and the rest of the extended family is camping, so babysitters are out of range–kinda rules out a romantic dinner. Might have a family dinner out (or brought in) but haven’t decided yet.

And you know what? I’m not gonna worry about it. I’ll just relax today (as much as possible, given the wee ones), do what strikes me as fun (you know, read, write something useless), and enjoy the fact that my nearly-4-year-old daughter bounced out of bed this morning and promptly said, “Happy Birthday, Mama!” Then tacked on, “I’ll just follow you around like a duckling.” (Isn’t she cute???)

I even got my house clean yesterday so I’d be able to enjoy it today. Sweet, eh? Now, off to enjoy my first cup of birthday coffee and a banana muffin fresh from the oven. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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