Sea Glass Prayer Jewelry – Bracelet



In Yesterday’s Tides, Evie takes daily walks along the shore. As she walks, she prays…and she collects sea glass and shells. Each item she picks up becomes linked in her mind and heart to the person she’s praying for. When she gets home, she takes those pieces into her studio and turns them into art–into jewelry. Then, each time the piece is worn, it’s a reminder either to pray or to praise God for what He’s done.

My collection of Sea Glass Prayer Jewelry is sourced from a small, independent jeweler from Massachusetts, Sadie Green Jewelry. Each piece is handmade from beautifully cultured sea glass, and each will be just a bit different from others in the same line because of that.

Each item comes with a card explaining the idea of prayer jewelry and inviting the recipient–whether you or whoever may receive it as a gift–to dedicate each piece to someone or something weighing on their heart, and so to be reminded to pray for that concern each time they wear the jewelry.


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Additional information

Weight 0.13 lbs
Sea Glass Bracelet Colors

Dark Cobalt, Green, Light Cobalt, White


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