40 Days of Jesus ~ Bible Study Beginning on Monday!

40 Days of Jesus ~ Bible Study Beginning on Monday!

Last year, my church instituted a Lenten Bible study program that involved reading a chapter a day of a Gospel, from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

We’re doing it again this year, with a slight variation on days and readings. This time we’ll be starting on Monday rather than Wednesday, but only reading on week days, not the weekends. Our books will be John and 1 Corinithians (35 chapters for the 35 weekdays leading up to Resurrection Day).

I’ll be doing one post a week on the blog with my thoughts from that week’s readings (Thursdays). If you’d like to read along, you’re welcome to chime in then. Or you can join the Facebook Group and participate daily! We’ll be posting a discussion question each day from the chapter.

Last year we had a wonderful group with lots of great conversation, and we’re looking forward to our study again this year!

Again, this will begin on Monday 27 February with the Gospel of John, chapter 1, and reading one chapter a day Mondays through Fridays. Hope to see you here and in the Facebook group!