Today we’re continuing our Mock Latin series with a few more totally fabricated, totally joke words that make me smile. =)

CruciverbalistOur first word is actually quite new, dating from 1977. If you look at the parts of the word, we have the roots crux which means “cross” and verbum which means “word.” So…yep. Crossword. A cruciverbalist is someone who creates crossword puzzles! How fun is that?!

Olde – Okay, this isn’t mock Latin per se, but it is mock-archaic. Did you know that this form of “old” was totally made up in the 1880s?? I had no idea! But yep, olde was never actually a spelling of old. People came up with it solely to be cute while imitating archaic spellings.


Installment three will come next week!

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